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Stainless Steel Metal Letters Production Process

stainless steel metal backlit letters

Metal luminous characters are also called stainless steel luminous characters, metal characters, luminous characters, and stainless steel letters.

Generally speaking, the color of metal is brighter, and the advertising effect is eye-catching.

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, not easy to deform, fade, rainproof, fireproof,  and spontaneous combustion. The following Suzhou advertising company will explain to you the production process of metal luminous characters.

Stainless Steel Luminous Characters

stainless steel metal backlit letters 1

1. Material

The selection of metal luminous characters is relatively extensive, such as iron sheet, copper sheet, stainless steel plate,  titanium gold plate and so on. Users can choose according to waterproof, anti-corrosion and other aspects.

2, Cutting

Use different laser cutting machines to cut according to the required font size. In the process of cutting,  not only the literal cutting, but also the cutting on the edge. In the process of cutting, it must be fine and accurate enough,  and a slight deviation will affect the effect of the entire font.

3. Welding and Edging

During the welding process, the skill of the master is very tested, and every position that needs to be welded must be very precise. Different metal materials require different welding processes,  so that the products produced have different artistry.

Stainless Steel Face Backlit Acrylic Letter Sign

Description: Material: Stainless steel, Acrylic Light Source: LED Modules Power Supply: Transformer Input Voltage: 12 V Working Temperature: 20 ℃

Stainless Steel Front Face Back Acrylic Backlit Letter Sign

4. Grinding and Polishing

This step is the last step in the entire metal luminous word production process.

This step is mainly to modify the traces of welding. Make the product more refined and beautiful.

Metal luminous characters with special requirements will also undergo processes such as electroplating and baking paint to achieve the desired effect of customers.