Acrylic Signage

Acrylic Letter Sign Production Process

acrylic letter sign production process

Flat acrylic luminous characters Acrylic luminous characters are composed of three parts: acrylic panel, luminous character box, and luminous character light source. Acrylic is a transliteration loanword, English is ACRYLIC, it is a chemical material. The chemical name is “PMMA” which belongs to acrylic alcohol, commonly known as “specially treated plexiglass”.
Due to its excellent toughness and good light transmission, it was used to make glass for aircraft and tanks in the early days. The surface of modern acrylic materials is coated with high-strength ultraviolet absorbers and has colorful colors. Bright and penetrating colors at night. It is resistant to sun and rain, and has a service life of more than ten years. It is currently one of the most popular materials for outdoor signboards in the world. In the bustling business districts of international metropolises such as Paris, New York, and Tokyo, the beautiful figures of acrylic logos can be seen everywhere, adding infinite charm to the brand images of countless internationally renowned companies.

Acrylic Signage

Common categories and names of acrylic luminous characters

Flat acrylic luminous characters: metal surround, panel is flat acrylic, the front is illuminated, the side is not illuminated, and it is also the most common one.
Blister acrylic luminous characters (blister characters, light box characters): metal surround, the panel is an acrylic blister mask, the front is luminous, and the side is not.
Stainless steel and acrylic luminous characters (stainless steel characters): the sides of the characters are made of stainless steel, the acrylic panel is light-transmitting, and the sides are not luminous.
Whole-body luminous acrylic luminous characters: the sides and panels are made of acrylic, and the finished product achieves the effect of luminous front and side.
Aluminum-edged acrylic luminous characters (aluminum-edged characters): Aluminum material is used as the border of the characters, the acrylic panel is light-transmitting, and the side is not illuminated.
Mini acrylic engraved luminous characters: generally made into mini Seiko characters, made of pressure plate engraving with built-in LED light source.

Materials and tools for making acrylic luminous characters

1. Selection of acrylic sheet material: Imported sheet, domestic sheet, acrylic sheet material description The acrylic sheets listed above have all passed the relevant international industry quality system certification, and they are more guaranteed in terms of production process and raw material use.

2. Material selection for the edge: cold-rolled sheet, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, galvanized sheet, etc.

3. Light source selection: led patch module.

4. Production of mechanical tools: blister machines, bending machines (bending machines), engraving machines, cutting machines, etc.

Acrylic luminous word process

① Manufacturing process It is recommended that Nippon Paint use 0.8mm thick cold-rolled sheet for the luminous character box with a size below 1.5m (extended meter), and 1mm thick cold-rolled sheet for the bottom of the box. Nippon uses 1.2mm thick cold-rolled plate for luminous character boxes with a size of 1.5m (extended meter) or more, and 1.5mm thick cold-rolled plate for the bottom of the box. After the bottom surface is welded with Nippon Paint, it is painted or baked. The height of Nippon is generally 10-12mm. This mode is mostly used outdoors, and the visual distance is above 20m.

② The difference between the manufacturing process of fine mode light-emitting letter box cold-rolled plate, aluminum plate and stainless steel is that the box body adopts fine spot welding, multiple grinding and polishing treatments, and then dust-free baking paint. The painting process is similar to that of automobiles. The sheet metal painting process is the same.

③ Luminous character light source: LED (light-emitting diode) light source description LED luminous characters are the mainstream of current luminous characters, mainly because LED cold light source 12 volt low-voltage electricity, its biggest advantages are energy saving, durability, low maintenance rate, and wide application range .

④ Install the module:

1. Clean the installation surface;

2. Stick it on the bottom of the module with double-sided stickers;

3. Evenly arrange and connect the wires;

4. Install the word slot panel and measure the effect;

5. The final product

Advertising Light Box Electronic Letter Sign

Essential details Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Acrylic, stainless steel /acrylic/resin Light Source: LED Strips, LED Modules Working Lifetime: 50000 hours
Vacuum Blister Acrylic Sign

Precautions for production and installation

Vacuum Forming Acrylic Sheet , Vacuum Coating, LED Lights, Acylic Sign Board

1. The vertical height of the acrylic light-transmitting cover plate from the LED module should be greater than 5CM and less than 18CM to avoid light spots or light and dark phenomena on the surface of the cover plate; It has a great influence, so you need to pay attention to the choice.

2. Working voltage: Pay attention to the consistency between the voltage of the LED module and the voltage of the switching power supply

3. Paste firmly: When installing the LED module, it is required to use double-sided tape or woodworking glue to make the module slot and the plastic bottom plate firmly pasted. When using double-sided tape, you can add glass glue according to the situation, otherwise the module will fall off under long-term outdoor sunlight. Secure with screws if necessary.

4. Wire length: The length of the power cord should be as short as possible (recommended not exceeding 3 meters), greater than or equal to 18AWG#, and the wire diameter should be appropriately increased if it exceeds 3 meters.

5. Use environment: When the waterproof series is used outdoors, waterproof measures must be taken for the grooved characters. Working temperature: -40℃~80℃; working humidity: <75% (long-term), <90% (non-long-term).